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Pietermaritzburg-born Upasana Beharee recently joined the cast of Scandal as Tashnee Gavaskar, the extremely efficient personal assistant and most devoted follower of spiritualist medium, Malik Vid (Rajesh Gopie). She has a heavy emotional dependency on Malik and is so protective of, and
obsessive over, the guru that she feels threatened when Tamia (Renata Stuurman) starts a sexual relationship with Malik (Thu March 16) after his
conducting of the Valentine’s Day ceremony during which she marries her former (dead) lover, Breyton.

Tashnee (or Tash) is the cold, hard collector of cash paid by the vulnerable believers who hope to be reunited with their loved ones. She is also the
scheming hoarder of the psychic’s black secrets and develops a (hidden) malicious agenda concerning Tamia.

Upasana says that on one level, Tash is bright, sensitive, attractive and mature. “But deep down, she is damaged goods.” Why this is so, will (of course) be revealed very soon. Tash definitely comes across as what many will call a bitch but you know what I never realised getting in touch with my wicked side would be so much fun… or so easy.”
Upasana studied Dramatic Arts at Natal Technikon. Majoring in Dance and Broadcast (her first stage appearance was a ballet performance at the age of four), she specialized in comedy and musicals. “Even earlier on, my whole schooling was weighted towards drama, dance and talent contests so I guess it’s appropriate that I ended up in the arts,” remembers Upasana. After graduating in 1998 she performed professionally in various African
contemporary dance-dramas, mostly at Durban’s Sneddon Theatre under the choreographer/director, Sharon Angove.
In 2003 she played a prostitute in the acclaimed South African, Marc Wells directed movie, ‘My Sunflower’, alongside Themi Ventures. In 2004 Upasana
starred in a worldwide commercial for McDonalds, directed by James Brown.
In 2005 she appeared in, ‘A Prayer For Love’, shot on location in Cape Town. Directed by Linda Daniels & Dirk Fourie, the short film is currently showing at film festivals. Upasana, who speaks and writes fluent Hindi and has studied American accents, is now learning Spanish because casting directors tell her she looks Mexican! For further information and pictures please contact:

Thabo Makeleni Publicity Writer
Tel: 011 537 9399